Getting Facebook Fans!

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How do you Get Facebook Fans? Do you have a Facebook Fanpage and now wondering ways to get Facebook Fans? I’m not talking here about Fans that are just liking your page then not engaging in your activities. What I’m discussing here are Fans that are loyal and active. Here are some tips that will help you to Get Facebook Fans.
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1. Build your Fanpage ATTRACTIVE: All you need to do the following is be CREATIVE. You need to explore some ideas and applications that would actually beautify your Facebook Fanpage in order to Get Facebook Fans. Design and Content are important in a website, and thus with your Fanpage. There are FBML and iFrames that can help design your tabs. Also, you need a very good Fanpage Profile Image.
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You should create one with your real image onto it but you can Cartoonize it if you want to. Base it in your Website’s image or header. “First impressions do last”, for some reasons that has become a part of Society. When you make new friends, you are looking at them physically and judging them on how they look. (Well, personality comes second) Be certain that you’re emphasizing your Company’s signature as if you don’t, you’ll you need to be one lifeless person looking to get attention in Facebook.

2. Share Quality Contents: Get Facebook Fans by sharing quality contents. You just can’t post whatever you like on your Fanpage. It ought to be something that people would be interested in. Put yourself in their “shoes”. Be considerate. You’ll need something that can create conversation where they are able to learn something and contribute. Get in touch with your Followers, offer assistance and keep from “Shameless Plugging”. Don’t just put, “Hey, follow our website to find out more!” That would be boring. You would like to be more on a “Valuable Resource” when compared to a Sales Person.

3. Encourage your Followers to Spread the Fanpage: This is the part where “Give and Take” will come in. When you have done Tip 1 and 2, # 3 would be so much easier. Don’t settle for 5000 or 10000 fans, as they say “The MORE, the MERRIER” so ask your Fans to spread the Fanpage. Even though you don’t ask them, if they like your content, they’d most likely hit the “Share” button and getting more Facebook Fans would have been a breeze